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Led by the visionary Dr. C. Channa Reddy, Indus gene is a world-class contract manufacturing facility for bio-pharmaceuticals with highly skilled pool of scientists and technologists. Our capabilities include state of art research and development centre, modern facility of bioreactors and a range of down streaming process equipments offering services in the areas of drug development, diagnostic and industrial applications etc.


Our product portfolio includes high quality lipid mediators, industrial enzymes, mAb vaccines and recombinant proteins / peptides. This website will provide you information on our mission of developing innovative products, their usefulness in the realm of biotechnology. If you wish to know more about the company or explore employment opportunities, please contact us.

mAb Vaccines
(318) 432-6765 Future of Biopharmaceutical market for Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibodies looks very bright9177643286
Lipid Mediators
(248) 759-0267 Lipid mediators are messenger molecules produced by cells in response to tissue injury4085742545
Therapeutic Proteins
Therapeutic Proteins Therapeutic proteins are highly specific in nature and carry out a complex set of functions which cannotmore
osteophyte The enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) is an analytical laboratory technique used to detect 5149195321
(778) 929-1554 4257913209

Indus Gene Expressions has been equipped with state-of-the-art facilities Quality Department to ensure...

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4752230193 Quality Control

The primary goal of Indus Gene Experessions is to render quality products / services that meet our...

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Our products are manufactured to the highest standards and go through various stringent...

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